Do You Know What Type Of Headline That Scratches Your Reader’s Brain?

Yeah, you’ve just read it. It’s the Question Headline. This type of headline is extremely powerful because it commands a response from the readers. It gets the reader involved – well that’s one of the most challenging part, getting the reader drawn in.

The question mark alone arouses the reader’s curiosity and compels his brain to ask for more information.

And do you know that the following headlines are among the greatest headlines ever written? I’ll give you five of them:

Are you tongue-tied at a party?

Do you make these mistakes in English?

Who else wants a screen star figure?

Whose fault when children disobey?

Do you do any of these ten embarrassing things?

When using the question headline, target your question directly to your prospect. When he gets hit, he will, without doubt, assess his situation and be tempted to read on.

And here’s more, the best type of these question headlines are those which cannot be simply answered by a yes and a no.

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